Cham' Adventure - Hydrospeed


Description sommaire:

Known as 'riverboard' to North Americans and 'white-water sledging' to some below the equator, hydrospeed (white water swimming) is offered by all the rafting companies and is great fun.

Thick, reinforced wetsuits, crash hats , flippers and a block of plastic held in front for buoyancy and protection are provided but you'll still feel vulnerable.

Cham Adventure is offering a special offer to all those residing in the Chamonix Youth Hostel.

You'll need to bring a swim suit, towel and most importantly you'll need to know how to swim!

Période de pratique : entre le 01/06/2010 et le 30/09/2010
Conditions tarifaires:

Summer 2015

 €uros/personne for 2 hours

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